Manufacturer Warranty

Skyview Skylight™ designs its products to operate in a safe manner.

Skyview Skylight™ offers a 12-month limited warranty on all Skyview Skylight™ products. An additional insurance is offered by Skyview Skylight™ to be purchased for a monthly fixed rate once the 12-month warranty expires.

The warranty begins on the day of delivery of the purchased goods and expires one year to date.

Exceptions include but are not limited to; damage(s) caused by extreme weather or failure to properly install and maintain upkeep of the skylight and the operable system. Click for Owners Manual

Any damage(s) that occur to a Skyview Skylight™ product must be reported within 3 business days of the incident. Additional damages that may have been caused by delaying notification may void the 12-month limited warranty.

Any tampering or modification made by an individual outside of Skyview Skylight™ to a Skyview Skylight™ product will cause the warranty to be void.

Exterior coating is not included in Skyview Skylight’s 12-month limited warranty.

The glass manufacturer’s limited warranty will include any gas failure within the glass; it will not include any damaged or broken glass. Any glass replacement provided under the glass manufacturer’s limited warranty does not include installation or freight costs. The glass manufacturer’s limited warranty is covered for residential customers up to 20 years and for commercial customers to up 10 years from date of purchase.